Tock 6 payer game

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Super Tock 6 Player Board Game - Canadian made wood MDF board for up to 6 players. Tock or Tuck is a strategy game where players take turns playing cards, with the value of the card determining how far they may move a marble. Certain cards have special possibilities (a King or an Ace may be played to get a new pawn into play, while a four moves you back instead of foward). A few spaces on the board have special properties as well, requiring certain cards to be played to enter or leave them. Comes with 24 marbles; 6 sets of 4 each of a different color for 6 players and game rules. Rustik games are made in Canada with an eye toward quality and environmental care. Specializing in classic well-made games, the Rustik line is a great addition for any household and an excellent addition to any family game night. Playing cards are not included. Dimensions: 56cm x 4cm x 56cm.

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