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The Purple Cow Crazy Scientist Lab Young Survivor Survival Skill Box

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  • SURVIVAL: Learn a variety of skills and “know how” that will help to keep you alive in nature. Those who acquire basic survival skills are more likely to survive in dire situations.
  • YOUNG SURVIVORS: Will learn how to distill & purify water, generate water from plants, light a fire without matches, to build a solar stove, a sundial, and a compass, learn Morse code, and more.
  • BECOME A SCIENTIST: Learn fundamental survival techniques and scientific principles through some basic science experiments. A fun unit of study for any science class. "The Perfect STEAM gift."
  • EMPOWERING: When basic survival skills are learned it not only builds self-esteem but also empowers us to feel more self-sufficient. Give your kids this knowledge that is so rarely taught.
  • KIT CONTENTS: All the necessary supplies excluding some common household items and a clear guide with photos of the techniques as well as fascinating scientific explanations & facts.

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