Monopoly Junior - Trolls

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  • Monopoly game: Trolls world tour edition: in this monopoly junior game, kids can imagine joining Poppy and other Trolls characters in their adventures through the troll world
  • It’s  a hair-raising good time as players move their character token around the game board buying and selling properties inspired by the Trolls world tour movie
  • Tiny diamond cash pack: Buy and sell properties using tiny diamond monopoly cash. The player with the most tiny diamond cash after someone goes bankrupt wins the game
  • Trolls characters: fans of DreamWorks Trolls movies can imagine playing along with some of their favorite DreamWorks Trolls characters such as Poppy, branch, Queen barb, and Cooper
  • Simplified monopoly game play: monopoly junior is a good introduction to the monopoly game. It's designed to be fast, fun, and exciting for younger players

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